About Us


To enhance, promote and pursue housing and economic opportunities throughout Pope County with
integrity and dedication to excellence.



1. Identify and promote housing and (re)development or renewal activities that will provide a balanced supply of housing.

  • ¬†Initiate, support and/or provide affordable, safe and sanitary, accessible housing
  • opportunities for all persons.
  • Provide life-cycle housing options through development, preservation and revitalization of Pope County communities.

2. Improve economic activities through preservation, business expansion and attraction to increase employment opportunities and broaden local tax base.

  • Support and encourage existing business, including agriculture, customer service, and industrial, toward growth and prosperity.
  • Actively attract new business and industry with an entrepreneurial spirit to the County that will enhance tax base, provide quality jobs and bring new capital to our communities.

3. Provide leadership distributing resources, information, and technical support that foster relationships among diverse interests.

  • Maximize social and economic opportunities by creating strong partnerships among various government entities, nonprofit, for-profit, and civic organizations.
  • Promote, develop, encourage and be responsive to County and Multi-County initiatives which further embrace the HRA mission.

4. Achieve the Pope County HRA/EDA mission with integrity.

  • Pursue ventures using open and honest communication.
  • Manage resources in a fiscally responsible manner.